From September 12-18, 2016, Concept Geebee will fly across the Atlantic, to Brittany, with three goals:

1. Introduce people to the GEEBEE so that they can discover a new way of getting around.

To optimize their stay and see more, in less time. We promise to send exclusive photos and videos so that you can enjoy the trip along with us.

2. Share the Quebec GEEBEE experience

Discovering the pleasure of gliding along and the novel sensation of driving a GEEBEE is an experience that we will let Bretons and tourists enjoy, with test rides during our lunches and happy hours.

3. Promote ecotourism

The GEEBEE is both a means of transportation and a recreational activity that respects the environment (zero emissions) and others (zero noise). We will also be ecotourism-minded by preferring home stays and by prioritizing protected areas when choosing where to visit.