GEEBEE: Ready for use in Montreal, Quebec and Ontario!

On February 19th, the City of Montreal announced it would not renew the shared electric scooter pilot project in 2020 (Lime, Bird). This decision does not affect the GEEBEE in any way. We operate a different business model and our GEEBEES are not subject to the same legislation.

Since 2013, Concept Geebee Inc. has developed a radically different electric scooter concept, centred on secure usage by professionals. Our GEEBEE vehicle is currently being tested by a large number of cities in Quebec under a pilot project led by the SAAQ  (Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec) and the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ).

This pilot project is progressing well and more than 500 people have recently received a survey to evaluate the GEEBEE. The SAAQ will soon be sharing its analysis and we expect results to be positive: we have not had a single incident since the launch of the project! In addition, more and more cities are adopting the GEEBEE. We believe in sustainable mobility and are working with Canadian cities to help them reach their environmental goals.

We are exporting the GEEBEE beyond the borders of Quebec, specifically in Ontario which has recently adopted new legislation regarding e-scooters. We will be present at the Ontario Traffic Council e-Scooter Symposium on March 5th and look forward to sharing the innovative, performing and sustainable GEEBEE with cities from Ontario.

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