Nature treks

A fun and accessible activity

How to attract new customers?
The hotel and restaurant sector is very competitive these days, what with easily available internet price comparisons and competition from Airbnb. The challenge for professionals in the recreational tourism sector is to attract new customers who are seeking not only comfortable accommodations, but also activities that will turn their vacation into a “great escape”.

  • Traditional activities are no longer attractive to customers.
  • Customers want to enjoy special experiences.
  • It’s hard to find activities that everyone can partake in.
  • The activity shouldn’t require too much upkeep or maintenance.

The Geebee reinvents nature treks

It’s accessible for everyone and so much fun!
A nature trek is a basic activity that all hotel or guest house owners should offer their guests. However, to be accessible, a trek on foot shouldn’t exceed a few miles, but this restricts the potential enjoyment of such an outing. With a Geebee, guests can go a lot further, discover hidden places and enjoy the pleasure of a fun, entertaining activity without getting tired out. Driving a Geebee, they will have a sense of freedom, of getting away from it all.

  • Accessible for everyone (16 years and older)
  • Permet de générer un revenu complémentaire en se démarquant.
  • Attracts new customers and retains existing customers.
  • Very low maintenance and low operating cost.


“About 3 years ago, we started offering Geebee excursions. Before long, our guests were loving the experience and we have doubled our fleet. We operate about 10 vehicles. Customers are delighted, and we are, too.”

Hôtel Spa Sacacomie, Québec, Canada