Resort area

Congestion of resort areas.

A different way of getting around while on vacation
Many people spend their vacation at a resort area. Often the beaches or the downtown area are only a few hundred yards away, but people tend to automatically use their car to get there. This leads to a non-stop stream of cars clogging the downtown area and blocking beach accesses; their vacation quickly turns hellish instead of bringing pleasure and relaxation.

  • Vacationers use their cars even for short distances.
  • Parking lots are full, the downtown area is congested and beaches look unsightly.
  • The town’s image is tarnished and tourists are irritated.
  • Endless streams of cars wreak havoc with seasonal economic activity.

The GEEBEE provides an alternative

We can finally breathe again at the ocean
Thanks to its technical features and exceptional performance, the GEEBEE provides a sustainable alternative to congestion in resort areas and seaside towns. It allows vacationers to get to the main points of interest from their resorts without taking their car. With a 31-mile driving range, it is perfect for short- and medium-distance trips. Agile and compact, it`s sure to find its place.

  • Reduces commuting time for vacationers.
  • Ideal for most trips to the downtown area.
  • Reduces traffic congestion at resort areas and beach accesses.
  • The feeling of being on vacation returns, and relaxation along with it.


“I have a vacation home located a little over a mile from the ocean. In summer, it’s always difficult to drive there and when I used my car, I ended up wasting a lot of time sitting in traffic jams. I bought two GEEBEEs for my wife and myself and we’re once again enjoying getting around freely. People often ask me where they can buy one.” Jacques D.