Dairy farm

Replace the use of motorcycles or ATVs

How to get around outside and inside farm buildings?
Whether it be a dairy farm or a livestock breeding operation, getting around on the farm is essential. In this day and age, many farmers opt for motorbikes or ATVs for farm work. However, internal combustion engines are not suited for use both outside and inside farm buildings. Users have to constantly stop, restart their vehicle, walk, etc.

  • Internal combustion engines are not suited for all jobs.
  • They are not always allowed to enter buildings.
  • Time wasted means money lost; it also leads to built-up fatigue.
  • They require expensive regular maintenance and use a lot of energy.

The Geebee is the ideal solution

An electric vehicle that simplifies farmers’ lives.
Because it’s all electric, the Geebee frees you from any pollution-related restrictions. It can be used outside, but, more importantly, inside farm buildings with no worries. For farmers, it offers a practical, functional and economical alternative to their traditional vehicles. It allows them to work close to their animals without frightening or stressing them because it is completely noiseless and compact.

  • Replaces the use of motorbikes, ATVs or internal combustion engines.
  • An ecological choice, it is non-polluting and can be used everywhere on the farm.
  • It’s a big time-saver and reduces fatigue that would otherwise build up during the day.
  • It requires very little maintenance and its operating cost is a few pennies per mile.


“I used a motocross bike for years on my farm. It had its downsides, mainly the fact that I always had to leave it outside the barn. Since owning a GEEBEE, I have been easily able to do all my work without worrying about my vehicle. It comes with me everywhere, in all circumstances. I save a lot of time and I am a lot less tired at the end of my day.”

Stéphane L.

Quebec dairy farmer