GEEBEE: Ready for use in Montreal, Quebec and Ontario!

On February 19th, the City of Montreal announced it would not renew the shared electric scooter pilot project in 2020 (Lime, Bird). This decision does not affect the GEEBEE in any way. We operate a different business model and our GEEBEES are not subject to the same legislation.

Since 2013, Concept Geebee Inc. has developed a radically different electric scooter concept, centred on secure usage by professionals. Our GEEBEE vehicle is currently being tested by a large number of cities in Quebec under a pilot project led by the SAAQ  (Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec) and the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ).

This pilot project is progressing well and more than 500 people have recently received a survey to evaluate the GEEBEE. The SAAQ will soon be sharing its analysis and we expect results to be positive: we have not had a single incident since the launch of the project! In addition, more and more cities are adopting the GEEBEE. We believe in sustainable mobility and are working with Canadian cities to help them reach their environmental goals.

We are exporting the GEEBEE beyond the borders of Quebec, specifically in Ontario which has recently adopted new legislation regarding e-scooters. We will be present at the Ontario Traffic Council e-Scooter Symposium on March 5th and look forward to sharing the innovative, performing and sustainable GEEBEE with cities from Ontario.

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2016 Geebee Tour

From September 12-18, 2016, Concept Geebee will fly across the Atlantic, to Brittany, with three goals:

1. Introduce people to the GEEBEE so that they can discover a new way of getting around.

To optimize their stay and see more, in less time. We promise to send exclusive photos and videos so that you can enjoy the trip along with us.

2. Share the Quebec GEEBEE experience

Discovering the pleasure of gliding along and the novel sensation of driving a GEEBEE is an experience that we will let Bretons and tourists enjoy, with test rides during our lunches and happy hours.

3. Promote ecotourism

The GEEBEE is both a means of transportation and a recreational activity that respects the environment (zero emissions) and others (zero noise). We will also be ecotourism-minded by preferring home stays and by prioritizing protected areas when choosing where to visit.

New GEEBEE assembly site in Nevers

The launch of our new Geebee assembly site took place on June 14, 2018, in Nevers in the Nièvre department of France!

Continuing on our great business venture, we are now extending beyond our borders, with the choice of the city of Nevers as the location of our new GEEBEE assembly site for the Western Europe market. Thanks to an economic mission initiated by managers of the Greater Nevers Urban Area Community with partners in Quebec, the city became the obvious choice for us to continue our growth abroad.

Located at the crossroads of our main Western European markets, Nevers enjoys a prestigious reputation when it comes to motorized sports, as well as expertise in mobility thanks to its Institut Supérieur de l’Automobile et des Transports.

On June 6, 2018, the FR3 Bourgogne show 19/20 did a great job of covering how our company got started in the city. You can view it here:

Reportage du 19/20 FR3 Bourgogne

We were pleased to meet so many people at our official launch on June 14, 2018.

2017 Mission to France

Concept Geebee was part of the group that went to Paris for a trade mission in March 2017, organized by Réseau M.

Many activities were organized by Réseau M and its partners to allow us to meet with prospects and partners. Among others, we met with companies in the tourism, event management, logistics and courier service sectors, as well as a town council with its police department. We also gave an interview to Autoplus and we visited the facilities of Vente-Privée and the National Assembly. To sum up our week, we saw real enthusiasm for the GEEBEE and we also witnessed the maturity of the French sustainable mobility market. The GEEBEE has a future on the other side of the Atlantic.