The principle of the mobipod

An all-electric vehicle

With an electric motor located in its rear wheel and a high-performance battery giving it an operating range of 31 miles at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, the Geebee is a powerful, noiseless, eco-friendly vehicle.

Standing position

The Geebee mobipod is a two-wheel personal transportation vehicle that is driven in the front-facing standing position. This more natural posture offers many ergonomic and practical advantages that facilitate daily work.


The concept is based on the Geebee’s all-terrain capability. It can handle asphalt as well as loose or uneven ground. It is able to climb onto sidewalks or over obstacles so that you can venture anywhere, providing a sense of freedom.

A sustainable mobility concept

Sustainable or eco-mobility encompasses all ways of getting around that make positive contributions to the sustainability challenges of economic and environmental performance. Its goal is to conserve energy resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this respect, the Geebee brings together transportation accessibility, travel optimization and environmental quality.

Design differences


Steep learning curve


Requires physical effort
Uncomfortable position
Tension, pain


Insurance mandatory
Motorcycle helmet
For public road use only


Small wheels
Recreational use