The Geebee
Tires Fork Brakes Battery Monitor Electric motor


The GEEBEE has versatile 17’’ x 2.75’’ “trial” tires, with inner tubes, providing excellent gripping action, which prevents skidding. Their diameter absorbs the shock of uneven surfaces (potholes) and allows drivers to negotiate obstacles while avoiding falls.


The cycle part of the GEEBEE was analyzed to ensure optimal stability when driven, even at very low speed. Many factors contribute to this, such as a very low center of gravity and a short wheelbase, providing easy handling and a good turning radius. The telescopic fork absorbs the shock of uneven surfaces, which ensures better control and smooth braking.


The braking system consists of front and rear mechanical disc brakes. The front disc has a diameter of 180 mm and the rear, 160 mm. The vehicle is equipped with AVID BB7 brake calipers. Applying one of the brake levers shuts off the motor, thus preventing acceleration; it also regenerates the battery.


The 48V-15 Ah battery allows for a long driving range – more than 31 miles with a single charge. It is removable and recharges in 3 to 4 hours using a regular 90-240V outlet. The battery is rated for approximately 1,000 charge cycles.


The Geebee is equipped with a monitor that provides all vehicle operating information. It has a speedometer, a battery level indicator and an odometer that indicates distance covered.

Electric motor

The GEEBEE® is powered by an electric motor that is activated solely by depressing a thumb-controlled accelerator. The GEEBEE®’s engine (programmed directly in the controller) prioritizes engine torque performance over speed, to allow it to climb inclines and negotiate obstacles. The (brushless) wheel-hub motor is located in the rear wheel and is what powers the mobipod.

Technical data sheet

31 mile driving range


20 mph maximum speed

(varies by country)

39 kg – 86 lb

(with battery)

170 cm – 70 in.

(total length)

Removable battery

(48V/15Ah Lithium-ion)

Charging time: 4 hours


Charge indicator

(7 levels)

Ignition key

(kill switch)

The advantages of the Geebee


Quick to get the hang of
Intuitive driving
Easy on and off
No special clothing


Stability at low speed
Excellent handling
Better visibility for other road users
Wider field of vision


Very natural standing position
Driving comfort
Eliminates muscle tension
Painless to use

Parts and materials

Quality components
Robust and reliable
Intensive business use


Very low running cost
Minimal maintenance
Time saver
Reduces the carbon footprint


For indoor and outdoor use
All routes and surfaces
Hills and obstacles
Provides close access to your activities

Optional accessories

Front basket

We offer a range of front baskets to meet your usage needs. Contact us with your specific requests and for customized baskets.


If you plan to use your Geebee on rainy days, we recommend that you add an additional mudguard for added comfort.

Customize your Geebee

The Geebee is a fantastic advertising tool. Many areas on the vehicle are available for displaying your corporate identity. We offer different solutions, from visual design to the creation of decals. We can even create custom paint colors for the frame to meet your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to ask our distributors for advice.