General questions
What is the GEEBEE?
The GEEBEE is an electric mobipod. It’s a two-wheel electric vehicle that has neither a seat nor pedals and that is driven in the standing position, facing forward. It’s a new sustainable mobility concept that makes it possible to optimize individual trips over short or medium distances.
What are its specifications?
Thanks to its electric motor, located in the rear wheel, and its high-performance battery, the GEEBEE has an average driving range of 31 miles and a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. Depending on the weight of the driver, surface type and speed, driving range can vary noticeably.
Who is the GEEBEE for?
The Geebee is first and foremost for business professionals. It’s a reliable and robust electric vehicle that was specially designed for intensive use on any type of terrain. It can be used for recreational activities (rides, guided tours, etc.), specific jobs (patrolling, light transport, etc.) and to get around in the city (between several sites, for business appointments, etc.).
Who can drive it?
Anyone 16 years of age or older can drive the GEEBEE. Unlike other means of transportation, the adaptation period is less than a minute. Driving is intuitive and the low center of gravity provides excellent stability. Usually, after a few minutes of use, most people feel comfortable driving a GEEBEE. 
Do I need special equipment?
Because of the standing, front-facing position, the Geebee provides drivers a wider field of vision and increases their visibility to other road users. However, driving any vehicle comes with certain risks. We strongly recommend the use of a proper-fitting helmet that complies with the standards of your country.
Can it be driven on public roads?
There is no general rule. In some countries, the GEEBEE can be legally driven on public roads without any prior formalities; in other countries or provinces, the use of the GEEBEE may be strictly regulated by law. Sometimes it may be necessary to register your electric vehicle or take out a specific insurance policy. It is important to find out about your legal obligations as a GEEBEE owner. Our customer service department is available to provide all the technical information that might be requested of you.