The Geebee is ideal for rides on all types of terrain, guided tours or for getting around parks. It’s a recreational activity that’s sure to attract new customers.

  • Hotel complexes, Campgrounds
  • Nature parks, zoos and amusement parks
  • Water sports centers, Outdoor activities
  • Sightseeing tours, Guided tours


Reliable and robust, the Geebee is perfect for intensive business use. It’s a simple, fast and safe way to optimize employee efficiency.

  • Events, Festivals, Sports competitions
  • Police, Security, Construction sites, Municipal services
  • Logistics, Light transport, Storage
  • Agriculture, Livestock farming, Outfitters


In addition to, or as a substitute for, other means of transportation, the Geebee is the ideal companion for anyone needing to travel short or medium distances.

  • Getting around within a facility or between sites
  • Business appointments
  • Home to work shuttle
  • Corporate self-serve service